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Horizon Family Solutions Educational Services
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Coaching and Planning for Families, Individuals and Students to Bring About
Hope For the Future and Family Reunification

Our team is uniquely specialized in family reunification with loved ones, while offering individual coaching, hope, planning and support through educational and therapeutic strategies that provude proven growth and healing.

Everyone wins when there is a full commitment to starting and following through on the recommended process that may involve one step, two steps or more. Reunification among the family and their loved ones is achievable.

Help us to understand your urgency by filling out a profile online  and having it reviewed by us before the first call. In this way our first communication will be clear and concise and we can pinpoint your first step needs in a short period of time. 

Our intention is to exercise thoughtfulness every step of the way throughout your experience.

“Doré was so approachable and compassionate to our child’s immediate needs. She helped us navigate through what seemed to be a dark and scary situation. She kept us present with what was needed for our child while also being compassionate to what work we had to do as parents along the way. We are so very grateful.” ~ Erin and Jared Hale, son 14, Texas, 2017

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We take a Holistic and Whole Family Supportive Approach while obtaining a detailed understanding of your child’s, young adult’s and family’s needs

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