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Choosing the appropriate clinical and educational path for your student is one of the most overwhelming decisions for families


EXPERIENCE  Dore’ E. Frances, PhD and Julie Forland M.Ed are creative and serious professionals. Dr. Frances has 20 years as and advocate and educational consultant and Julie Forland has 20 years in the public school system as a teacher, vice principal, principle and school director.

EDUCATION  Dore’s doctorate’s degree is in Human Development with an emphasis in Diverse Families.

Julie received her BA at Colorado Christian University and her MA and Principal Licensure at University of Colorado Denver.

ETHICAL STANDARDS  Horizon Family Solutions adheres to Ethical Guidelines for the Profession of Educational Consulting.

MARKETING  We can ensure that no false promises are made to prospective clients. When communicating with our clients and their parents, we emphasize finding the best match, rather than merely “getting a client into a program or school.” We do not make outlandish promises to win over potential clients.

Our testimonials are signed by our families both on this site and on https://www.dorefrances.com.

PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY  It is important to avoid any action that distorts or misrepresents a client’s record or interferes with any program or school personnel’s ability to get an accurate picture of the presented client. All information of the client and their current needs and situation is fully disclosed.

Neither Doré or Julie accept any type of compensation from a college, program, school, university, or any institution in exchange for placement.

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING  Both Doré and Julie attend ongoing professional trainings throughout the year, which include conferences and workshops meant to ensure that we learn and understand the very latest trends in adolescent sexual behavior concerns, attachment, drug and alcohol treatments, best teaching practices, eating disorder treatments, grief and trauma work, therapeutic parenting, and young adult transition needs.

PROGRAM AND SCHOOL KNOWLEDGE  Doré Frances has evaluated and visited approximately 2,000 boarding schools, clinical facilities, eating disorder programs, medical institutions, programs, residential and therapeutic schools, and wilderness programs in the United States, Canada and Internationally.

Doré and Julie travel approximately one week out of every month evaluating and visiting programs and schools to stay knowledgeable and up-to-date about academic changes, clinical research and updates, family based opportunities, and other aspects of programs that are behind the scenes and important when making decisions with their clients.

RESPECT  We have gained great respect from our associates, colleagues, families and health care professionals that refer families to us. This is evident in our testimonials and references.

SERVICES FOR ALL FAMILIES  Although we are hired by families with the ability to pay for our services, over the last 20 years Doré has been involved in significant pro bono work individually. In the last 20 years she has served over 3,000 families and has contributed a significant amount of direct support and free services to help parents better meet the needs of their students.

SUCCESS  Success is measured not by gaining admission to a program or school. Success is measured when a successful experience takes place with a family and student that goes beyond the placement.



“I have known Dore for over a decade in my capacity as Clinical and Academic Director, Executive Director  and previously as a colleague Educational Consultant.

Over the years I feel blessed to have gained a friendship with her and we have worked together to assist several Special Needs families. Dore has a number of strengths to offer young people and their families. She has a compassion for youth, a genuine commitment to family systems and strives to help students emotionally grow and realize their hidden strengths. I have been continually impressed with her dedicated efforts to find solution-focused strategies.”

Bernie Zimmerman, MA, LCPC, Idaho

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