Family and Parent Coaching



Family and Parent Coaching

Family and Parent Coaching approaches the functioning and well-being of the family unit as a whole, helping to strengthen communication, pinpoint tension and unrest, establish healthy and productive roles, and build meaningful connections.

Family Coaching

Family Coaching promotes increased awareness of the intergenerational family system’s strengths and potentials, coupled with insight into current barriers, coping strategies, and thought patterns. There is no “one size fits all” in coaching and family systems work. Family coaching provides insight, feedback, and support, coupled with therapeutic readings, assignments, and comprehensive wrap-around services as needed to address family patterns and growth of new dynamics within the system. Our primary goal is to help families build their capacity to identify and assess family functioning and create new ways of establishing communication, boundaries, and connection now and as needed in the future. Horizon Family Solutions Family Coaching differs from Parent Coaching in that the systemic approach to family balance and effectiveness extends to members beyond the parental figures. This can include cousins, grandparents, aunts or uncles, step-parents, and when appropriate, siblings.

Parent Coaching

Horizon Family Solutions comprehensive Parent Coaching is suitable for parents with adolescents or young adults residing in the home, in therapeutic treatment, or transitioning back into the home environment. Parent Coaching utilizes therapeutic reading, assignments, and activities that educate and address patterns within the home environment, keeping the focus on the parental role and not outside family influences. Our parent coaching is designed to address and support transformation of parenting and relational patterns. Emphasizing parental effectiveness, communication styles, introspection, self-awareness, and problem solving approaches deepens awareness of current parenting styles and addresses potential for growth. Parent-child relationships, interpersonal communication, and unified parenting or co-parenting is stressed. The unique collaboration we develop together in this process is centered on developing new tools to create an emotionally safe and functional parenting system. Horizon Family Solutions style of walking alongside our clients on this journey, providing clarity, encouragement, feedback, and support as needed has proven invaluable for the families we work.

The Details

We have various family / parent / relationship coaches from which you may choose to fit your needs and style. You may hire them on an hourly basis, however, for most people to see change, a game plan needs to be customized to your family and then monitored through the transition phases that are taking place.   

Please contact Dore E. Frances, PhD with inquiries at 303-448-8803 or email