Confidential Concierge Family Services

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Confidential Concierge Family Services


About Concierge Advocacy / Educational & Therapeutic Consulting Services

A true legacy only exists when it rises from the values and goals of the family.

The service you wished for is here.

Surely you already thought about it: “It would be great if I could hire my own ADVOCATE / CRISIS INTERVENTIONIST / EDUCATIONAL CONSULTANT /FAMILY COACH / PARENT COACH / THERAPEUTIC CONSULTANT.  A professional who gave me their personal phone number and returned my calls, emails and texts within a short period of time. A professional I could get to know. A professional who would make house calls and come to me. A professional who would go see my child in their program or school on a regular basis”.

Horizon Family Solutions provides honest and real advice.

With a confidential and private advocate / educational & therapeutic consultant, also known as a concierge advocate professional, you can do just that.

Your confidential private educational / therapeutic consultant is your personal family coach.

Now you can hire your own private advocate / educational & therapeutic consultant. This could also include holidays, weekends, and 24-hour telephone numbers.  Your personal family coach comes to you in your own home and sometimes may even accompany you to a visit with your child or young adult who is in their boarding school or treatment program. 

Every aspect of your interaction with the advocate is kept most confidential. 

Having their own concierge advocate / educational & therapeutic consultant would give many people and families peace of mind, just knowing that their own family coach would be there for them when needed and they could get a hold of them when needed.

Who do we work for


Horizon Family Solutions is contracted on a confidential basis by financially prominent families in Canada, Dubai, England, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Peru, The Bahamas, the United States, Abu Dhabi and Australia. Our all inclusive set fees billing policy provides clients with unlimited advice and support regarding the unique family issues they face. These families rely on us to serve as their sounding board and facilitator, to create a unified family and organizational experience developed around their current issues. Clients come to us because of our ability to handle the intricate details.

And they trust  Horizon Family Solutions because we understand where they are coming from – and where they want to go.



~ Offering 24×7 Services (holidays, nights, weekends)

Provides Confidential and Private Services For:

~ Alcohol and drug treatment programs

~ Case management services

~ Crisis intervention services

~ Treatment for teens struggling with inappropriate sexual behavior

~ Eating disorder treatment programs

~ Educational options for struggling teens

~ Family Coaching

~ Parent Coaching

~ Recommendations to only the best outdoor therapeutic adventure wilderness programs

~ Professional guidance for special needs students

~ Second opinion services

~Transitional living programs for young adults


Horizon Family Solutions provides a unique and comprehensive mix of advocacy and educational / therapeutic services. 

Horizon Family Solutions acts as your Family Concierge, streamlining communications between you and other professionals. We ensure that you get the information you need – when you need it – in a format you can use for real decision-making. We facilitate intra-family exchanges, working with all generations to promote understanding to the situation at hand, opportunities available and responsibilities. This includes strategic and vision planning, financial planning, education planning, treatment planning, testing, and coordinating family meetings.

Founder and President, Dore E. Frances, PhD, is known for the innovations she has brought to the advocacy / educational & therapeutic consulting profession.

She is recognized for this visionary leadership being designated as a “Pathfinder” by many who have known her over the last twenty eight years. 

Horizon Family Solutions currently has two offices. Our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado and our location in Denver, Colorado. 


4450 Arapahoe Avenue
Suite 100
Boulder, Colorado

Office: 303-448-8803
Fax: 303-648-6848

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