Dore E. Frances, Ph.D.

2013 Dore 3Dore’ Frances – Educational / Therapeutic Consultant

Founder of Horizon Family Solutions, LLC.

Dr. Frances has worked as an advocate for students with learning disabilities and has been a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) in several states.

Her doctorate’s degree is in Human Development with an emphasis in Diverse Families.

Her intention is to apply, generate and disseminate knowledge about human development across the lifespan, in the context of culture, family, and society.

The goal of Dr. Frances is to use this knowledge to help resolve societal and developmental challenges faced by children, families, and our aging population, and to promote optimal development for all.

A strength that Dr. Frances brings to her practice as an educational and therapeutic consultant is expertise in program evaluations.

Dr. Frances also has a Masters Degree in Child and Family Studies. Her focus in that area is on children, youth, and families.

Many social and public health problems of the 21st century – children with disabilities; effective parenting in the face of changing family structures; youth violence, substance abuse, and high-risk behavior; the “graying of society” – call for the involvement of specialists who have knowledge about the basic processes and contexts of human development, and how behavior can be modified to optimize long-term developmental outcomes.

The structure of the American family has never been so diverse: adoptive families, immigrant families, LBGT families, single parent households, blended families, families with stay at home fathers, families with grandparents as parents, and so on.

No matter what the structure of the family, it is still the bedrock of American society.

Dr. Frances has also served on the board of a number of non-profit organizations.

She has been educating parents about out-of-home residential treatment placements for over nineteen years and is very passionate about her work with families. She knows first hand that you can come out the other end of this difficult situation.

Dr. Frances, who was adopted at birth, specializes in assisting families with adopted children, and those with attachment disorders.

She is originally from San Francisco, California and now resides in Boulder, Colorado with her therapy cats Aimee and Chloe and assists families and professionals all over the United States, Canada and Internationally.

Professional Training

Strengthening Attachment in Adoptive Families, 2016

Therapeutic Parenting, 2015

Eating Disorder Treatment at the Core, 2013

Love & Logic, Parenting with Love & Logic Training, 2009, 2010

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Education, Coaching Parents of Challenging Teens, 2009

Adolescent Sexual Behavior Problems, Identification of Risk Factors, 2008

Court Appointed Advocacy Training, 2008

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Education, Trauma and the Adolescent Client, 2008

Meth Action Coalition Training, 2007

Hospice of the Monterey Peninsula Patient and Family, Adult Bereavement, and Children’s Bereavement 2004

Child Custody Mediation Training, 2003

Wrap Around Full Training and Certification, 2002

Resource Realizations Family Resource Coaching – Self-Discovery, 2001

Dore’ has additional specialized training and continuing education in the following areas

  • Adoption / Addiction
  • Approaches to Relief of Suffering
  • Child Traumatic Stress: Understanding and Serving through a Cultural Lens
  • Children of Substance Abusers
  • Different Ways of Grieving, Different Ways of Healing
  • Diversity and End of Life Care
  • Grief and/or Learning Disabilities in Children
  • Kids on the Continuum from Difficult to Dangerous
  • Living with Grief: Before and After the Death
  • Parents with Cancer and other Diseases
  • Self-Care for Professionals Exposed to Trauma
  • Supporting Children and Families in Transition
  • Tools to Assist the Dying, The Grieving and Those Who Love Them
  • Trauma and Grief in Youth
  • Understanding and Supporting Under-Recognized Grief
  • Understanding the Needs of the Dying
  • Understanding Youth Culture: Substance of Abuse
  • Why Some Bounce Back and Some Never Do: Resilience in Children Who Have Experienced Childhood Abuse


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