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Meet Doré E. Frances, Ph.D.

No one knows what desperation feels like unless you’ve been there

As an Educational Advocate I personally envision wider choices and opportunities for every client I assist. It always helps to know that you are not alone

Dore FrancesDore’ Frances – Advocate / Educational / Therapeutic Consultant
International GAP Specialist
Founder of Horizon Family Solutions

For the past twenty years my life-path and passion has been focused on assisting children, adolescents, teens, young adults and their families. In different capacities I have been assisting and compassionately supporting my clients in whatever ways they have needed.

In my undergraduate work I was an advocate with CASA for children and supported families in their healing.

I have had the grateful honor of living in some very beautiful places.

San Francisco is my home town and I have enjoyed living in places such as Aptos, La Selva Beach, Santa Cruz, Soquel, and Pacific Grove, California, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, Bend, Oregon and now Broomfield, Colorado. Here in Colorado I have fallen in love with the mountains and the people. I also enjoy the four seasoned weather

I created Horizon Family Solutions on February 10, 2001. In my spare time, I read, teach, travel, and am working on a book – Holding Out for the Hero.

My doctorate’s degree is in Human Development with an emphasis in Diverse Families. I have a Masters Degree in Child and Family Studies. My focus in that area is on children, youth, and families.

A strength that I bring to my practice as an advocate / educational and therapeutic consultant is expertise in program and school evaluations.

Being adopted at birth, I specialize in assisting families with adopted children, and those with attachment disorders.

I am a 2011 graduate of Quantum Leap University as a Personal Coach.

Professional Training

  • Strengthening Attachment in Adoptive Families, 2016
  • Therapeutic Parenting, 2015
  • Eating Disorder Treatment at the Core, 2013
  • Quantum Leap University, Personal Coaching Certificate, 2011
  • Love & Logic, Parenting with Love & Logic Training, 2009, 2010
  • Drug & Alcohol Treatment Education, Coaching Parents of Challenging Teens, 2009
  • Adolescent Sexual Behavior Problems, Identification of Risk Factors, 2008
  • Court Appointed Advocacy Training, 2008
  • Drug & Alcohol Treatment Education, Trauma and the Adolescent Client, 2008
  • Meth Action Coalition Training, 2007
  • Hospice of the Monterey Peninsula Patient and Family, Adult Bereavement, and Children’s Bereavement 2004
  • Child Custody Mediation Training, 2003
  • Wrap Around Full Training and Certification, 2002
  • Resource Realizations Family Resource Coaching – Self-Discovery, 2001

Speaking Engagements

  • Parent Teacher Associations (Public & Private School Sectors)
  • Parent Support Groups / Conferences
  • Professional Conferences
  • Specialist Panels
  • Therapeutic Residential Facilities
  • Youth Development Groups

Dore’ has additional specialized training and continuing education in the following areas

  • Adoption / Addiction
  • Approaches to Relief of Suffering
  • Child Traumatic Stress: Understanding and Serving through a Cultural Lens
  • Children of Substance Abusers
  • Different Ways of Grieving, Different Ways of Healing
  • Diversity and End of Life Care
  • Grief and/or Learning Disabilities in Children
  • How to Heal Toxic Thoughts
  • Kids on the Continuum from Difficult to Dangerous
  • Living with Grief: Before and After the Death
  • Parents with Cancer and other Diseases
  • Parent Trauma / Processing Grief
  • Self-Care for Professionals Exposed to Trauma
  • Supporting Children and Families in Transition
  • Take Charge of Your Life – Intention and Manifestation in the Workplace
  • Tools to Assist the Dying, The Grieving and Those Who Love Them
  • Transition Home Planning
  • Trauma and Grief in Youth
  • Understanding and Supporting Under-Recognized Grief
  • Understanding the Needs of the Dying
  • Understanding Youth Culture: Substance of Abuse
  • Why Some Bounce Back and Some Never Do: Resilience in Children Who Have Experienced Childhood Abuse

Dore with Students in Japan