Coaching Services

Family coaching

Coaching Services

Why coaching?

Because you want something to change…

Family and Parent Coaching is intended to assist you with:

  • Discovering, clarifying, and aligning with what you want to achieve
  • Exploring your own wisdom, strategies, and solutions
  • Self-discovery and transformational insight
  • Education and support as you/your family is learning new ways of being
  • Remaining accountable to your commitments and goals

Coaching facilities and supports increased awareness of patterns and dynamics within your family system, identification of what truly needs to change, what is required to create that change, and assists in the movement towards and maintenance of your objectives.

What you can expect from a coaching relationship?

Coaching principals maintain that individuals are truly the experts in their own life and that every client (and every family) is capable, resourceful, and whole.

A coach’s responsibility is to hold these principals for you while guiding a process that motivates and inspires you to work towards your goals.

Throughout the coaching relationship, clients/parents/families can be asked to engage in various activities inside and out of sessions; individualized reading, reflective writing, role-play, in vivo skill training, and other creative and experiential practices are often included.

 What are the benefits of coaching?

Coaching includes ongoing assessment while supporting a scaffolding learning process; building interventions and assignments to offer the best support specific to transforming family patterns, integrating new tools, evolving communication styles, and improving familial relationships.

Designed to support improvements within struggling family systems and to provide the most effective resources necessary for families to realign with each other in health and recovery.

Through your coaching process, you can expect to experience:

  • New awareness and understanding of the hows and whys of your current situation
  • Improved familial, marital, co-parenting, and parent-child relationships
  • Increased communication skills and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Enhanced thinking and decision-making skills
  • Significant gain in personal confidence to carry forth post-treatment

How long is the coaching process?

In general, parents are encouraged to commit to any length of coaching. The commitment itself begins the change. Three months is a good minimum.

Many families find engaging in coaching for the duration of their child’s treatment episode desired and an invaluable part of the treatment process.

Family and parent coaching sessions are most effective when regular and consistent. Weekly coaching is recommended initially, with variance and decrease over time and as needed. The duration of the coaching relationship is different for all families. Previous engagement in treatment, current level of family stability, and chosen objectives all influence the coaching timeline.

What else can I expect?

In addition to the practical benefits of developing new interpersonal and parenting skills and experiencing increased confidence and connection within your family, individuals willing to engage in the work of bettering themselves in any capacity can also expect appreciable transformation in all other areas of their lives. Ready for a new life? 

Your family is worth investing in.

You deserve to be free of the frustration, guilt, and stress that many parents face today.


Please direct any questions about coaching services to Dr. Dore E Frances at 303-448-8803 or