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IEP Advocate for Special Education

Educational laws are in place to help protect our children and to ensure that they receive a “fair and appropriate public education.”

What does this mean?

And how can I make sure that my child receives the help he or she needs to be academically successful?

How do I navigate the process of developing an Individual Academic/Educational Plan (IAP/IEP)?

At best, the “legalese” is confusing. And while these laws exist to protect, actually receiving the full advantage of legislation requires incredible resources, both monetarily and with professional staffing. Many school systems are under intense pressure to minimize the outlay of resources.

Working with Horizon Family Solutions, you’ll have the support of our staff who will guide you through the process with ease. HFS can help guide you through the eligibility and IEP development process to ensure the best possible outcome for your child’s academic success.

Services include:

  • Attending IEP meetings until an acceptable agreement is reached

  • Helping parents and child to understand the nature of the learning difference or behavior issue

  • In-depth review of academic records to date

  • In-depth review of standardized testing results and psych-educational assessments

  • Psycho-educational evaluation and tutoring referrals

  • Recommendations for accommodations and modifications to IEP

  • Review and explanation of educational law and children’s rights

  • Working with the parents and school support team to develop 504, IEP/IAP plans, and behavior management plans

  • Attending resolution, mediation and Due Process hearings advocating for the child’s rights

  • Referrals for therapy and treatment options

  • Recommendations for alternative educational placement, when necessary

Please note that we are not attorneys and that our services are not meant to replace professional legal advice. When the situation moves beyond our expertise, we will not hesitate to recommend attorneys who specialize in complex educational law.

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