Information for Parents with Young Adults

How far would you go

Do you have a young adult at home who has the potential to be much more but fails to see it within themselves?

Somewhere you may have  gotten the idea that if you could just get your kids through high school and off to college, the worst of your parenting challenges would be over. Now that your kids are grown, how do you restructure your relationship so you’re neither too involved, nor so hands-off there isn’t much of a relationship there at all? How do you stay close while letting go?

And why didn’t the baby books say anything about grad school or kids who move back home? Whether in their 20s or 30s adult kids find there’s no place like home when their finances are in a tailspin. For the most part, parents have been willing to help their kids out financially throughout tough times.

A young adult in today’s society faces issues and challenges that did not exist, or were unacknowledged, in previous generations.

Choices for both genders are more numerous for young adults than they were several decades ago.

Expectations are less clear about what a person’s next step should be after finishing school (whether it be high school, college, or graduate school). In times past, young adults’ paths were often predetermined by role expectations, family expectations, and clearer gender expectations. The traditional cycle seems to have gone “off course.”

It’s certainly true that parents of this generation have invested heavily in their children. We understand that under the right guidance, in the right environment, with the right support your young adult can shine.

They aren’t just anyone but someone with unique strengths, abilities, and talents. At Horizon Family Solutions we specialize in helping your young adult find the right opportunity to discover their strengths, understand them, and apply them so that they can unlock their potential.

When your young adult is ready to find out how we can assist, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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