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At HORIZON FAMILY SOLUTIONS, LLC, we firmly believe working with international students is different and yet the same when advising and assisting our domestic students.

There are many similarities when working with all students, yet there are many ways in which the needs of international students are unique and we understand this uniqueness. 

At HORIZON FAMILY SOLUTIONS educational consulting services, we walk with you every step of the way and make sure you understand the procedures involved regarding admissions to programs and/or schools, providing you confidence in your school selection.

We have an have an excellent understanding of the requirements for different programs and schools all across the United States. 

North America is rich in climate/ geographic/topographical diversity. It has forests, lakes, mountains and oceans. North America is a melting pot of people and cultures from all over the world.

There is a place for everyone and everyone has a place.

Education ranks only second to parenting, in the influence it can exert on a young person’s life.

American boarding schools have a world-wide reputation for excellence in educating the whole person, and in providing the training not just to become scholars, also thinking managers, capable of seeing the big picture. These are skills which will prove invaluable to them whether they return to their home countries to pursue their careers, or whether they decide to remain in the United States.


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Viet Nam Middle 1“Our daughter, 14, was admitted into a very selective and competitive college-prep high school in Mexico.

However, having just been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, she was overwhelmed with all the freedom, independence, lack of structure, and new responsibilities. By the end of first term, she was nearing failure. It was imperative to get her into a learning support service college-prep high school so that her academic experience could be salvaged before it was too late. My role as her father was to facilitate the communication between the current college-prep boarding school and Dr. Frances so that we could find a better fit for her and get her the support that was needed.

As parents, we also needed support. We were quite distraught over the situation. Without the assistance of Dr. Frances I am not sure we would have been able to connect to the right school for our daughter, and a second failure was not an option.

She is a senior this year and will be graduating and going off to college.”                                                                                                           ~Fillberto Alvidrez, Mexico

“Dore Frances has the amazing ability to make people feel instantly at ease, as if they’ve known her all their life!

During a very stressful time, when my son was in need of an appropriate school to continue his growth with supervision, Dr. Dore Frances at HFS was able to work with his specific needs and guide my son and I into a decision that has worked out very well. I really understand now the value that Dore’s guidance can provide. Her knowledge of each school’s abilities and even knowledge of the school personnel not only saved me time, it turned a questionable decision into the right decision.” ~ Don Glosier, United Kingdom

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