International College-Prep Boarding Schools


Confident and Secure When Worlds Apart

American college prep high schools enrolled nearly 82,000 internal assist famitional students last year

Do you seek to give your children the quality North American high school education which will pave the way for their continuing education in colleges and universities of their choice?

Do you want to give your children an opportunity in the global ecomony by pursuing an education in the West?

Is your student hungry for a taste of the American dream? 

Our intention is to embark on long-term relationships with our families which will result in assisting talented teenagers who want to enroll in American schools in the USA.

Students from China continue to lead the growth of international enrollment at high schools in the United States as they try to get a leg up in making it into American colleges and universities. We can assist with the best choices for a college prep boarding school.

Applying to A COLLEGE-PREP boarding school as an international student presents unique concerns.

Schools are as diverse as the landscape and the weather, from the boarding schools of the East Coast built on centuries of tradition, to the newer schools in the south and west, springing up where population has brought about demand. It’s one thing to choose to have your child attend a college-prep boarding school, and it’s quite another when your child is in another country and many time zones away. There is a lot of information that is needed for the family. 

It’s even more important that the family understand the college counseling program offered, diverse community of students, dual diploma programs, educational system, extra curricular opportunities, residential life, school culture, summer program opportunities and the values the school embodies. 

Just as in working with domestic students, international students go through various phases to learn about different college-prep boarding schools: they decide to which they will apply, prepare for testing (when required), complete the student application part themselves, interview via Skype, hopefully visit, and then wait for the admissions decision.

At HORIZON FAMILY SOLUTIONS, we’re often the international or expatriate family’s ears and eyes since they are too far away to do many visits. Some families cannot visit at all. Knowing we have personally visited hundreds of college-prep boarding schools, families have appreciated being able to trust us to look out for their adolesdent’s best interests throughout the process by helping to identify schools that will be the best fit for them. There are also logistical challenges when working with international families, such as getting teacher recommendations, transcripts, travel arrangements, visas, etc.

We can help to manage all of these details and keep the process moving forward in a timely fashion.

One concern we often hear from our international families is centered around the cultural sensitivity that a particular school has for their students from abroad.

It is very important for students to be in an environment where the faculty and staff is aware of and appreciates the differences and diversity overseas students may bring to their campus. Dr. Frances has traveled internationally for years so it comes naturally for her when thinking about these needs of the students she assists. She explores this in detail with every college-prep boarding school she visits and evaluates. When great distances separate families, it is extremely important everyone feel comfortable about their school choices.

Horizon Family Solutions has information on College-Prep boarding schools in New York, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin. 

There is various criteria we evaluate in order to determine which college-prep boarding schools in the United States are indeed the very best for our students. We look for schools that offer signature, specialized programs as well as schools that are beyond solid in their approach to the traditional curriculum.

We also look for schools that take a proactive approach to whole person development. There is hard work to be done out there in the wide world, and we appreciate schools that teach students to value hard work, both in and out of the classroom setting. Community service, chores, jobs—all of these contribute to instilling a work ethic.


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“Dore Frances was a found gift to us when we were looking for advice regarding our son’s need to transfer from his home school in Australia to a school in the United States. Dore helped my family shape what this would look like and presented several best options. Dore took mundane information and made us expand out what was really happening with our son. He definitely needed some clinical support in a college-prep boarding school setting. 

This change and support gave our son a much-needed boost of self-confidence when he saw his achievements coming to light. Dore also helped our son regarding academic class decisions, as well as gave advice on senior internships and how it all dovetails together. Dore can relate to both the parents AND the student!” ~ Dale & Janet Becker, Australia


College 4“We are so grateful to have Dore in our lives during this very stressful time; we could not have made decisions about our daughter without her. What Dore does is amazing … it is really a talent. She has loads of energy, is available at difficult hours and we experienced the fact that she has tremendous resources. We have many rewards from working with her – and hope she continues helping families for a very long time.” ~ Robert & Robin Goode, England