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Specialized Boarding schools for students with learning differences

Every student has individual learning abilities. While in many cases, one of the goals of a comprehensive education is inclusion of all students of a particular age or grade level into the same classroom, at times some students’ needs are better served in a more focused setting. Let us help you connect with a school where students with learning differences thrive. 

We are experts in learning and understanding special needs, and we have made it part of our company mission for the last 19 years to get to know schools across the country that are really good at supporting kids in middle school and high school. Schools for students with special needs address academic, emotional, physical, and/or social issues. We look for schools that have a rich curriculum based on a variety of offerings/tools to service its students. Most of the schools have a low student-teacher ratio, which is important to schools which serve all types of learning abilities. When students struggle in more than one area, the student’s learning experience is enhanced by specialized attention from a trained teacher.

Many of the schools we recommend have a faculty of whom over 50% possess Master’s degrees or above. Some of the schools offer unique programs which transcend the basic academic curricula, like art / art therapy, animal therapy, links to colleges, online learning options, or sports. 

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We work with the entire range of students with learning differences, including  Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD / ADHD), Blind, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Developmental Disabilities, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Emotional Challenges, Autism Spectrum Disorder, OCD, Seizure Disorders, Asperger’s, Tourette Syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Written Expression Challenges, Academic Learning Disabilities, Language Based Learning Differences, Non-Verbal Learning Disorders and/or Processing Challenges. When choosing a school, the important thing is to find the right school for the right child. Learning about the different options available. 

We have evaluated schools in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Arizona.

Some students are only mildly impacted while others need specialized support. Whatever the need and whatever the school, expect your child to be welcomed with the same goal: to see your student thrive.

Please call Dr. Doré Frances for more information about our professional services – 303-448-8803 or email at dore@dorefrances.com


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‘We want to thank Dr. Frances at HFS for assisting us in getting our son into a specialized boarding school.

Our son severely struggled with ADD and was failing in his ability to get his education needs met. Our son now has his high school diploma. Thanks to Dr. Frances our son was able to get admissions to a community college in the US and is now working to complete his Associate degree. We would highly recommend HFS to anyone.” ~ Anthony and Jane Blakey, England



College 1“Our family’s debilitating struggles have become transforming opportunities for growth and we owe that to one dedicated person – Dr. Dore Frances. Work with her: she will make a difference in your life, your child’s life and the future for your entire family. Our son is in a specialized boarding school placement now and we can understand even more how much this was needed. He was suffering with depression and dyslexia. 

Our hearts miss him, however, with Skype we can see and talk with him every week.

The compassion from the school staff and the kindness Dore showed our son when visiting him helped a very difficult time become a little easier. We feel very blessed to be working with Dore and have faith that she will be doing this another 20 years from now!” ~ David & LaDonna Tolzman, Germany