Julie Forland, M.Ed.

Julie Forland, M.Ed. – Educational Placement Consultant

Associate with Horizon Family Solutions

She received her BA at Colorado Christian University in 2005 and her MA and Principal Licensure at University of Colorado Denver in 2015.

Julie invests a significant amount of energy and time in building relationships with her students and their families. It is her goal and intention to make this time that you work together positive and productive for everyone.

She concentrates on the learning and therapeutic needs of children, teens and young adults with behavioral, emotional and learning differences, as well as those interested in college prep boarding schools.

Julie believes every student deserves an education enabling them to discover and embrace their passions both inside and outside of the classroom. She specializes in finding the best options for children, teens and young adults in the Boulder and Denver, Colorado areas as well as across the United States and Internationally.

A strength she brings to her career as an Educational Consultant is relationships!

She loves people and appreciates students for all their choices that they are needing to make. Julie knows that education can bring success both personally and professionally to a person’s life.

Julie was born in Denver, Colorado and then in her younger years lived in in Sheridan, Wyoming. Her father was on staff at VA Hospital there as a psychiatrist.

In her teen years she family moved back to Denver, Colorado where she attended high school, college, got married, had three children and then returned to college again.

Choosing the right school is one of life’s most important decisions. Next to investing in your home is investing in your child’s education. This may be the second biggest investment you ever make.

Julie travels across the country to evaluate programs and schools for the families she assists.

She works with families who are searching for independent and private school and boarding school selections, summer programs, and clinical residential boarding school needs.

Julie offers assistance to help families find meaningful, lasting solutions, whether it is a private boarding school or for students in crisis and struggling with special needs. She works in collaboration with Dr. Doré E. Frances who has extensive qualifications and expertise in therapeutic placement services.

Professional Trainings

  • At Risk Youth Interventions for Principals and Teachers
  • Best teaching Practices
  • Closing the Achievement Gap
  • Creating Change in Schools
  • Family / School Engagement
  • Literacy


Julie’s hobbies are reading, triathlon and tennis.
For entertainment, she likes fiction thrillers from John Grisham, Stephan White, Jonathan Kellerman, and many more.