Meet Mike Collins

Advocate / Case Manager / Coach
Educational Consultant

Mike Collins

Partner of Horizon Family Solutions

Michael Collins is a Therapeutic Educational Consultant, Advocate, and Coach who

works with people of all ages to help them transition into a life in which they can

be proud.

Michael believes that all things, situations, and people ultimately lead toward a

pattern of good. His commitment to, and partnership with, his clients produce

powerful, transforming, results that last a lifetime.

Inspired to be a difference maker, Michael has garnered transferable experiences

from his time as a cabinet member at Nebraska Wesleyan University where he

served as the Chief Advancement Officer to his time as a business entrepreneur

guiding executive alignment across multiple organizational divisions.

Michael has served in a leadership role on many boards including the Nebraska Independent College Foundation, The Friendship Home fighting against domestic violence, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Lincoln Nebraska’s Children Zoo, and the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation.

Michael holds a secondary education degree from the University of Nebraska and serves as a Partner at Horizon Family Solutions.