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School Consultation

Choosing your boarding or private day school for your student is a process involving several steps. Each family situation is special and unique, and, therefore, each family’s experience will be different.

No client is typical.

Selecting the right school for a child or teen can be one of the most important decisions parents make.

Horizon Family Solutions can help. Fortunately for you we can make the first steps a whole lot easier:

  • Identify Schools. Let your imagination and wishes run wild at this stage.

  • Narrow Your List. Do you want a co-ed or single sex school? Do you want a large or small school? Do you want a military school? Do you want a religious based school? Does your student have special interests such as art, dance, engineering, finances, health, math, sports? Does you student have any special needs?

  • Visit Schools. Really assess whether the school is a good fit for your child and your requirements.

  • Admissions Testing. Most schools use the SSAT and/or the ISEE which are standardized admissions tests. There may also be an essay and a few other bits of writing which you and your child may have to do.

  • Apply and Pay. Most schools have online applications which simplify the process. Some schools use a common application form.

We provide parents with the necessary information in choosing the best fit school for their child or teen, and assist families in finding day schools, boarding schools, college-prep boarding schools, specialized schools for those that are gifted as well as those with learning challenges, and also summer programs.

Horizon Family Solutions Educational Consultants continually enhance their own knowledge by touring campuses locally and throughout the country.

We spend time with the college advisors, school administrators, school counselors, the dean of students, on site tutors and even the finance officers to develop a thorough understanding of each school’s mission and philosophy.

Through the educational consulting process Horizon Family Solutions educational consultants will help you evaluate the following in a school:

  • Academics
  • College Enrollment Statistics
  • Discipline Styles
  • Graduation Statistics
  • School Setting
  • School Size
  • Teaching Styles

Contact Julie Forland, M.Ed to learn more.