HFS Second Opinion ServiceThis service is for those who are currently not under contract with an advocate or educational/therapeutic consultant who is already making recommendations for residential or wilderness placement.

More choices, ‘more peace of mind’

Perhaps you are a family member who has asked an associate, your attorney, your brother, a doctor or a friend for an opinion on where to send your child for treatment. Or perhaps you are a counselor, health care professional, intern, lawyer or therapist who has a client in need of placement for a child or family member in which you are assisting.

A therapeutic placement requires comprehensive overview of a multitude of factors and taking a one-size-fits all recommendation is not beneficial for the client, the family member in need of placement, as well as the emotional and financial investment this placement entails. Horizon Family Solutions is thorough, completing background checks, licensing board checks, examining local emergency personnel calls to the facility, making on site evaluations through visits to programs and schools, and spending time in the field of outdoor wilderness programs.

Our ongoing relationships with these programs enable us to be up to date with changes that will impact the experience of a potential student/client. We are here to assist in making sure every base is covered and the appropriate support will be provided.

We offer Second Opinion services ranging in price from $500 to $1500. Within 21 days of placement, if the family decides that they would like to engage in our full Educational / Therapeutic Consulting services, the Second Opinion payment will be applied toward those services.

Following a thorough review of your placement decision, academic records, medical records and diagnostic tests, our educational and therapeutic specialists render a second opinion that can be shared with your addiction treatment center, eating disorder center, juvenile attorney, learning disability school, IEP team, college preparatory school, therapeutic boarding school or wilderness program. 

There are six steps in the process of requesting a second opinion. 

We anticipate the steps will take you about 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

A helpful hint that we recommend:

  • Have your medical records or those of your loved one on hand as you fill out the medical history questionnaire portion of the online process.
  • The questionnaire is detailed so having academic records and medical records to quickly reference will help make the process more efficient.


Below is a brief description of the information being requested in each step of the online process:

  1. Requestor InformationWe ask that you confirm that you are currently not under contract with an advocate or educational/therapeutic consultant who is currently making recommendations for placement.  This initial step only applies when the individual requesting the online second opinion is someone other than the client that needs the second opinion. We ask the requestor basic information such as name, address, cell phone, home phone, date of birth etc. If you are the actual client requesting the second opinion, you can skip to step 2.
  2. Client Information – In this step, we ask for information about the client, including name, address, date of birth, gender, school grade, etc.
  3. Diagnosis or Problem – In this step, we will need to know the diagnosis the client was given for his or her first opinion. When you aren’t sure, type in a general term and then give as much detail as possible.
  4. Medical History – In this step, we ask for detailed information about the diagnosis from the first opinion and medical history information, which includes history of symptoms, any treatment received to date, medications and prior illnesses. Since this step is very specific, we recommend that the medical records for the client needing/requesting a second opinion are available for easy reference.
  5. Requested Materials – Please fax to us all academic records, clinical records, IEP, psychological testing. Fax: 720-302-6410. A cover sheet with your name, address, contact number and referencing SECOND OPINION records.
  6. Payment Process -Your credit card information will be required to process your request for a second opinion. We will not charge your credit card until your second opinion is completed and ready for your review. When you are receiving this service as a benefit from your employer, you will not be required to enter your credit card information.


Begin Application for Client Services

This is a HIPPA Compliant form and once completed and submitted will be sent to our email directly.

Once we receive this form, documentation via fax and payment information, we will give you a call to begin the Second Opinion process.

HFS Credit Card Authorization

Option 1 – Second Opinion Services Needed within 24  – 48Hours – $1,275

     Option 1A – Second Opinion Services with an additional recommendation – $1,500

Option 2 – Second Opinion Services Needed within 3 to 7 Days – $900

     Option 2A – Second Opinion Service with an additional 2 recommendations – $1,100

Option 3 – Second Opinion Services Needed with a week or more of time available – $500

     Option 3A – Second Opinion Services with an additional 3 recommendations – $800

With all Option 1 Second Opinion Services we will review received information and make a phone call to the treatment center / wilderness program to discuss clinical needs, dietary needs, academic needs, engagement of proposed treatment plan and whatever is deemed necessary to be able to provide you will a full and complete overview of our opinion for this placement.

With all Option 2 Second Opinion Services we will make additional phone calls on your behalf to one, two or three treatment centers or wilderness programs to determine other options that will be available for you as a possible placement.

Not all Second Opinion Services are the same.

We use our vast array of resources to individually choose and select for each individual.

This is not a one-size-fits all Second Opinion process, and there are no bias based decisions on our part.

Insurance companies do not cover remote second opinions.

This service is for those who are currently not under contract with an advocate or educational/therapeutic consultant who is already making recommendations for placement.